New Orleans Indigenous Indian Masking Tricentennial 2018

In recognition of the upcoming historical Tricentennial Celebration of the City of New Orleans and the Indigenous Masking community, Beulah Productions will produce a Multi-Media-Collaboration to “Preserve Our Culture”.


The Tradition of Indian Masking is the pinnacle of New Orleans culture and one of the greatest shows on earth. Historians may differ on the origin date of Indian Masking; but one indisputable fact remains: New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian Masking has shaped the heritage and culture of New Orleans for over 300 years. Tourists world-wide as well as nation-wide and locals come to the city each year to witness the annual unveiling of the elaborately designed and handcrafted suits. Besides Mardi Gras, two other annual Masking events are held on St. Joseph’s Night and on Uptown/Downtown Super Sunday. Indian masking is followed in five countries, the United States is the only one of the five that do not provide economic support. Stay tuned for the full documentary coming soon.

Preserve Our Culture Series is the 300 year history, dissemination, and education of the Indigenous Masking culture as described in The Black Code Law of 1724.

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