Black Masking Flag Football Classic

In the theme of changing the narrative and preserving our culture organized the first ever Enjun Classic Flag Football Tribe game and Day of Giving.

DOWNTOWN and UPTOWN BlackMasking tribes with Social Aid & Pleasure Club family came together With the support of the Stallings Gentilly Booster Club, Data News Weekly, and local sponsors like The Shrimpman Brand, Didriksen, Saucier, Woods & Pichon, PLC, Old-School 106.7 and Power 102.9.

Nothing says change like positive action that unites our community.

Hosted by Big Chief Honey and Glenn Jones of the Enjun Classic brought joy, food, and family to a neighborhood playground that’s benefited countless local youth for decades.

Preserving our Culture also saves our playgrounds, community centers, and neighborhoods.

Instead of participating in a made up European celebration rooted in the murder of our ancestors, as a BlackMasking community we decided to MAKE HISTORY and create a righteous family experience rooted in love.

For this opportunity, we GIVE THANKS.


Oba Lorrius

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