Tribe Timeline: Present – 1978 Creole Osceola Tribe 1972- 1977 Yellow Pocahontas Tribe

A chief with unbridled imagination and Love of the power of the tambourine Big Chief Delcour started masking with the Yellow Pocahontas Tribe under Big Chief Tootie Montana. Though Big Chief loved his tutelage under Chief Tootie, the style of sewing became an issue and his imagination for his own style pushed him to leave and begin his own tribe the Creole Osceola Tribe. Teaming up with the Artist, Albert Brown, Chief began to create the style of beading called “3D Flat”. While sewing into his Creole roots of Bosco Ville where he comes out (reveals new suite for Mardi Gras) from his 1918 Family home. This Creole area from which he hails along with Chief Osceola of Florida whom started the first Underground Railroad is how the Tribe received its name sake. We sat down with Big Chief Delcour and received first-hand accounts of his 48 plus years of masking trough segregation, Vietnam, integration, police relations and City support of the culture he so dearly loves. Continue reading →

Big Chief Joseph “Monk” Boudreaux

Golden Eagles Tribe

Born in New Orleans Big Chief Monk is the Big Chief of the golden eagle tribe coming out of uptown Valance and Freret St. area. Chief is one the oldest and most respected chief keeping the purity of the traditions and culture that has been passed down to him by his father. As he told us “that’s the right way!”

Tribe Timeline:
From 1956-present/ Big Chief Joseph “MONK” Boudreaux/ The Golden Eagles
From 1930’s- 1956/ Raymond Boudreaux-The Wild Squawtoulas
From 1900’s / Clarence Boudreaux- /Hidden- did not mask in public

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